Biological Mail Handling Pod

For Safety and Protection

In today's chaotic times and increased uncertainty, it's reassuring to know you can depend on Lab-Pro, Inc. for products that protect both your mail-processing employees and the entire building's workforce. Our line of Biological Mail Handling Pods (BMHP) offers a turnkey, prefabricated system incorporating a filtered HVAC system and a HEPA filtered exhaust system.

In addition to its effective safety capabilities, the BMHPs also offer ease of use. The pods can be tested on a routine basis for biological contaminants and if necessary, can be decontaminated simply and reliably. Plus, the system's design is compatible to support future mail-decontaminating developments.

For more information on Lab-Pro, Inc. Biological Mail Handling Pods and to see which product works best for your needs, please click here to download our informational .PDF.

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